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Ahhhhhh Smart Phone Cameras!!!!

Truth be told I love them. I love snapping quick pictures of my kids doing weird things. My husband picking his nose or my dog laying in a funny way. He does this upside-down sleeping thing that gets me running for my phone every time. The dog, not my husband. They are an excellent way of capturing candid moments and even beautiful sunsets. However, the question is, can they replace professional cameras and professional photographers?

Of course, you know what MY answer will be, right? Before you roll your eyes, give me a chance to prove my point to you. To do this, I've taken the liberty of putting two pictures together. Can you guess which one is the iPhone 7 plus image and which one was taken with my Nikon d750,105mm f2.8 lens and edited in photoshop? I'm pretty sure there is no surprise here. Especially since I labeled them, but even if I didn't, the final product is pretty obvious.

iPhone 7 Plus at 72ppi

Nikon d750 105mm f2.8 at 300ppi

Besides the unmistakable, there are other very valid reasons to hire a professional photographer over playing Joe Camera with your cell phone. There's quality differences, depth of field (getting the blurred background) difficulties, color control, and focus issues just to name a few. The truth is, you simply can't easily perfect from a cell phone camera what you can from a professional DSLR and a clear understanding of Photoshop. This is why hiring someone who understands the exposure triangle, depth of field, composition, posing, colors, and the most important in my opinion, focus is vital to the success of your images.

I strongly believe smart phones are for everyday precious candid moments and they do their job beautifuly. I currently have over 2k pictures on my phone and I cherish every single one. Including my random pictures of food. I sort of have a problem with snapping food images and posting them to my facebook. A guilty pleasure to say the least.

As a family and child photographer, I feel it's important to preserve your family's development as you grow and age through professional photo sessions with amazing quality images that last a lifetime. This is achieved through hiring a professional who uses professional cameras and lenses. You don't want to know how much I've spent on lenses! Let's just say I could have bought a cheap car. However, I know all too well how my children are not going to be little forever. Welp. My oldest just lost her first tooth. A clear sign she is not a little little girl anymore. Welp-Welp. This time in my life will go by in a blink of an eye as will yours too. Wouldn't it be nice to have pictures that beautifully represent your family's transitions?

Choosing a photographer is just as important as making the decision to hire one. In my next blog post, I will try to tackle this question and help guide you, my readers, through a list of questions to ask yourself before hiring someone. As hiring the wrong photographer, could mean wasting your money.

Until next time. Keep smiling! (Cheesy tag line complete)

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