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So here I am... back in the blog business. I never thought I'd be doing this again, but I feel it's important to add some heart to my website. Good thing I enjoy writing and I hope you will enjoy reading. I will mostly stick to the subject at hand- photography and occasionally add something food or family related, because well, that pretty much sums up my three favorite things in life.

My hope is you find meaningful content here. If you're on the fence about hiring a photographer, I hope you find these posts helpful- then hire me! =) Also, here is where you will find some "behind the scenes" of me working, articles I find interesting, my personal insights on photography, I will write some articles myself, lots of pictures and I may even post blog readers specials. Definitely keep an eye out for those!

Welcome and I look forward to writing for you. If you want to contact me, click on the "contact" tab. I return messages very quickly!

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