Some Funny Facts About Me

  • My camera's name is Colette the Camera #2.

  • I talk to myself constantly during a session.

  • I will probably trip and fall at some point during our photo shoot. 

  • I'm short. So, I bring a ladder to help me photograph pretty much anyone over 10 years of age. 

Behind The Lens

I take each session I photograph very personally and I love getting to know the people I photograph. The success of a photo shoot is in the planning, connecting and customizing of each session. Not the actual session itself, that's the easy part! 

I'm inspired daily by the world around me and continue to challenge myself creatively. From posing to post-processing, it's a never-ending learning process that keeps me hungry for more.


I pride myself on being very creatively passionate. I'm easy to work with, understanding, patient and exceptionally good with kids. My number one goal is to always make you feel comfortable. Each session is an opportunity to connect with my clients while create special moments that will last a lifetime. 

Noteworthy Achievements

  • 6+ years of photography and post-process experience.

  • Placed in Jackie Jean Photography's Top 10 Contest- 3 times.

  • Volunteer my services- Capital Area Greenbelt Association, Christ The Saviour Orthodox Church, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and donate gift certificates to school program fundraisers.